De Jongens

Theatercompany De Jongens is a foundation, that creates shows for (international) festivals. If necessary they find co producers for specific projects and/or apply for money from different Dutch institutions. In autumn 2007 Riet Mellink joined them for management and bookings. She has worked for the Oerol Festival for 10 years. Joop Mulder, the founder of the Oerol Festival, promotes De Jongens.

Creation method
De Jongens are autonomous theatermakers. They create their performances themselves . If necessary they find artistical advice an directors to challenge and improve the performance and their skills. They ask specialists to train them in certain skills. Slapstick veteran Peter de Jong (of Mini&Maxi) has been involved in all their work and will continue to do so. For ‘Jongensheart’ they worked with pyrotechnicians Andre Pronk and Erik van Oosten. ‘Hope&Loose’ was directed by Guido Kleene (of Cie Dakar), for ‘Under Construction’ they worked with acting director Floris van Delft. Floris will also be involved in the creation of the new show. De Jongens have a network of professionals for feedback and advise.
De Jongens create a show by improvising. Ideas for set, skills, acting and physical possibilities go together in this process. A big part of the set they build themselves. Promotionmaterials are designed by De Jongens.